I have been using Nuxt JS for quite a while. It just hasn’t ever come to my mind that I need to upgrade create-nuxt-app.

As a result, all my Nuxt projects, including those I created yesterday, have been stuck in a very old version for a long time. And I didn’t even notice it until today.

The latest version of Nuxt at the time of writing is v2.15.7. Check https://nuxtjs.org/docs/release-notes for the latest version number. Compare the number with your package.json.

How to upgrade

Use this command to upgrade one specific global package:

npm update -g <package_name>

Use this command to upgrade all global packages:

npm update -g

What happened

I’m not sure about the technical details. But I guess npx create-nuxt-app only download the package once. It won’t get the latest version automatically.